The mini tower is formed of up to 4 tiers and provides a sweet center piece allowing you to enjoy with friends. This tower will hold 35 macarons which is ideal for enjoying with a few friends. 


Priced at £25


The Midi Tower give you up to 6 tiers with macarons. This tower will hold 65 macarons 

Priced at £45

This tower is formed of up to 8 tiers and offers a great option for those that want a stunning centre piece that has the wow factor and will still cater for a large number of guests. The 8 tier will hold 105 macarons


Priced at £75



The full tower is a full 10 tiers and can hold up to 180 macarons. This is the ultimate show stopper and can create and incredible centre piece to any wedding or party. If you were thinking that 180 macarons wont be enough we have 2 towers enabling you to have up to 360 macarons!

Priced at £135 for a full 10 tier tower or £250 for both towers

Please note that we charge a £25 refundable deposit for each macaron tower that is returned upon the macaron tower being returned.

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