• Rebecca Atkins

Converting marshmallow haters to lovers

"Would you like to try a marshmallow?" "No thanks i don't like marshmallows". This is one of our most common conversations we have when we are at farmers markets. We are forever convincing people to try our marshmallows and convincing them that they are honestly nothing like those awful chewy things that supermarkets pass off as marshmallows. So often we can see the tentative look on peoples faces as they reluctantly try a sample and then how that expression changes to one of surprise and genuine enjoyment normally follows by a "oh wow, those are nothing like normal marshmallows they're actually really nice!".

Marshmallows should be light and just melt in your mouth. They should be a flavour sensation as opposed to a work out for your jaw. We personally taste every batch we make and if it doesn't meet our standards then we wont sell it. So next time your at a farmers market and you see us there, trust us when we tell you our marshmallows are nothing like the shop bought ones. You never know we may be able to convert you from a hater to a lover.

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