Family Smores Toasting Kit

Family Smores Toasting Kit


Our Family UK Smores toasting kits are designed for all the family to enjoy smores whenever your want!

Based on existing kits we thought why not have something the whole family can enjoy. Our sets include four bags of our flavoured handmade marshmallows, eight bamboo skewers, 1 x non-toxic gel burner, 16 digestive biscuits and your choice of 2 chocolate bars. All this packed neatly into a box and sent straight to you. The ideal gift for the whole family to enjoy!

You just need to select from the following flavours- Strawberry, Vanilla, Candy Floss, or Salted Caramel. All our marshmallows are hand made and to made to order to ensure that you will receive them at their absolute best. 

The kit is really easy to use allowing you to toast your marshmallows from the comfort of your own home! The gel burner supplied  is both smokeless and odorless, as well as being non-toxic. The great thing about using the burners are that they will burn for up to 2 hours. You don't have to use it all in one go either. Once your finished with the burner you simply need to put the lid back on to extinguish the flame and allow it to cool down. Once cool feel free to pack it away until you need it again. 

There are safety instructions included on the label of the burner which do need to be followed at all time. Its important that the burner is placed on a heat proof surface whilst in use as the tin will become hot. Often a piece of ceramic or slate for example can be placed underneath. 

We try to cut the marshmallows to even size but to ensure that you get a good amount to enjoy we like to do out marshmallows by weight. So you will receive 4 bags of approximately 150g of mallow in each for your toasting delights!  Including the burner skewers, digestives and chocolate the box is approximately 1.2kg. 

We include a list of all our ingredients on each pack of marshmallows and if your in any doubt at all you can simply ask us.

The shelf life is 1 month as we don't use any preservatives. We always advise people that they best consumed as close to ordering as possible though.

If you would like to mix and match your flavours such as 2 salted caramel and 2 vanilla, or 2 different chocolate bars, simply let us know on your order.

1st Flavour
Chocolate 2

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